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Advanced restorative dental treatment

In addition to routine care, we provide a comprehensive range of dental treatments for adult patients at our clinic. Our main focus is on full mouth rehabilitation using the disciplines of dentistry. What this means is that we assess your whole mouth and provide the care that is required by using a combination of restorative, prosthodontic and implant dentistry. By focusing our patients' dental care in this way, it improves the smile and biting ability. Below is a short case study of a toothwear case we have treated.

The above pictures show the patient on initial presentation. The teeth are worn down severely, there is failing dentistry, decay and teeth which need to be removed. The patient wanted all these issues addressed and also a nicer smile at the end of treatment.

Full diagnostic planning was done. Stone models, articulation (a machine which mimics jaw and teeth movements), diagnostic wax-up and vacuum stents were constructed. The final result was "transferred" to the patient's mouth for a preview of what his smile could potentially look like. This was done before any dental treatment was carried out.

FINAL RESULT. Minimal intervention dentistry (minimal drilling of tooth) with a combination of porcelain and composite.

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