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Dental Implant Bridge

What is a fixed bridge/implant bridge?
Imagine a bridge running over a river. There are supports on either end which support the bridge so that cars can drive across it. Using the same concept, implant bridges can be constructed to fill the gap left by multiple missing teeth.
What materials is the implant bridge made out of?
The implants are made out of a durable metal called titanium. The implants are inserted into the jaw bone. Since these are made of a medical grade titanium, the body will recognise them and not treat them as a foreign object. The jaw bone will grow around the implants to hold them into a fixed position. The supra-structure (i.e. the artificial teeth and pink coloured gum) can be made out of the following materials:
  • Composite
  • Porcelain
  • Acrylic
  • Precious metal
  • Non-precious metal
  • Cobalt Chromium 
Do I need an implant for every single missing tooth?
Not necessarily. An implant bridge which consists of two implants can be used to support three, four, five or even six missing teeth. It depends on the structure of the jaw bone and the occlusal load. Our denture experts will be able to give you more information after examining your mouth.
Can I have an implant bridge if I have no teeth?
Yes. This is one of the common treatment options we provide at our clinics. Four, five or six implants are usually placed in the anterior region of the jaw to support a fixed bridge of 10-14 teeth. There are other treatment options depending on the quantity and quality of jaw bone.
How do I clean my implant-bridge?
  • Brushing regularly
  • Flossing under the bridge components
  • Using super-floss
Can the fixed bridge be removed?
Only by the Implant Surgeon or Restorative Dentist. Otherwise, it is FIXED into position. You don't (and can't) remove it like a denture.
Can I chew an apple with an implant-bridge?
When is an implant-bridge not advised?
  • When there isn't enough jaw bone scaffolding to place an implants
  • If the patient has manual dexterity issues and wont be able to keep the components cleans by regular flossing
  • If there is a high lip line and excessive amount of acrylic will have to be used. Our denture expert will advise on the best option.
How long does the treatment take from start to finish?
Between 3-4 months on average.
Is there a lot of planning involved?
Yes and no. It partly depends on the aesthetics of the case and the amount of jaw bone scaffolding. There are many other factors to consider which we will tell you about.
What should I avoid doing with my implant-bridge?
This structure is very strong and you can bite into an apple. The more you will look after your prosthesis, the longer it will last. Don't open any beer bottles with your implant-bridge (or even your natural teeth)!
Will my bridge affect my sense of taste?
No, as there is no plastic or metal that will run across your palate.
Will the implant-bridge make me feel different?
You will certainly have the reassurance that an implant-bridge will not fall out like a removable denture. You will be able to sleep with the implant-bridge in (as it is fixed in) and eat your favourite foods.

Case study for a long span fixed implant bridge

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