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Mini Dental Implants

What is a mini dental implant?
A mini dental implant is a tiny screw which can hold your denture components such as crowns, bridges and dentures. It is minimally invasive and from our experience patients usually have a quicker healing recovery period than with traditional implants.

Do I need an implant for every single missing tooth?

Not necessarily. An implant bridge, which consists of two mini implants, can be used to support three, four, five or even six missing teeth. It depends on the structure of the jaw bone and the occlusal load. Our implant experts will be able to give you more information after examining your mouth.

When can mini implants be used?

  • Where minimal surgery is indicated: To allow for optimal healing.

  • Above the inferior dental canal in the lower jaw: The lower jaw has a special nerve which runs through it. The nerve's job is to supply the innervation to the teeth and surrounding soft tissue. We want to keep the implant away from this nerve by at least a 3-4 mm safe distance to minimise the risk of nerve injury. Mini implants are great to avoid the inferior dental canal.

  • Near the maxillary sinuses: The upper jaw has air pockets, a bit like swiss cheese. Mini implants can be placed into the upper jaw to avoid the need for sinus elevation surgery / sinus grafting.

  • To stabilise implant-retained dentures.

  • In patients with jaw bone atrophy.

  • In patients who have had periodontal disease ("gum disease"), where the jaw bone has shrunk.

  • In spaces where the adjacent teeth root impede the placement of a traditional implant.

  • In sinus elevation surgery: to engage dense cortical bone to allow for bicortical fixation.

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