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How to take care of dentures in Watford & North London

Anyone with dentures knows that giving them proper care can help avoid unnecessary and potentially costly repairs and damage to the underlying gums. The health of your mouth is very important and keeping up good oral hygiene contributes towards maintaining full or partial dentures in pristine condition.

Brush your dentures every day run them under a tap after every meal

It’s important to keep up good oral hygiene and that’s true for dentures as it is for your natural teeth. When you remove the denture at night be sure to give it a brush and gently remove any food particles, dental plaque or stains. It is best to use a soft-bristled denture brush and a denture cleanser. Alternatively, you can use mild hand soap if nothing else is available.

Clean your gums, tongue and palate

It’s not just your teeth and dentures that need to be kept clean when you are following a good oral hygiene regime. Don’t leave out your gums, tongue and palate. Brushing will stimulate blood flow and help prevent further plaque build-up that can lead to gum disease. Good oral hygiene can help keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright.

Treat your dentures with care

Most denture wearers know that they’re false teeth are fragile. Dropping them on a hard surface can cause damage and costly repair bills, so make sure that you handle them carefully when putting them in or taking them out.

If you do damage your teeth or dentures, even if it’s minimal, you should avoid a DIY denture repair kit and visit to your dentist. Your dentist is the expert who will make a professional assessment and ensure you get the treatment you deserve.

Get your dentures relined regularly

There are changes that occur in your gums and bones over time, as well as wear and tear on the dentures This means your false teeth may need to be relined. This will resurface your dentures for a better fit. A denture reline, if that is the right thing for you, may need to be done if your dentures become loose. If your dentures are not fitting properly they can cause sores and infection leading to further gum and teeth problems.

Remake your dentures every 5-7 years

Of course, there will be wear and tear on your dentures over time and they are not designed to last forever. At Herts Dental, we advise that you get your dentures are remade every 5-7 years. This will ensure that your dentures fit accurately and not cause any unnecessary deterioration to your gums and jaw bone.

If you have any queries about your dentures then it’s always a good idea to talk to your dentist. If you are not register with a dentist, Herts Dental is currently offering a free consultation for patients with loose dentures. To register, simply fill out your details online and a member of our dental team will contact you to arrange your FREE denture consultation (free consultation available from November 2014; subject to change; visit the Special Offers section of our website)).

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