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How to get affordable implants in North London & Watford

If you have missing teeth, then the most appropriate natural-looking solution is to consider dental implant treatment. Despite the relatively high cost that prevents many people from going after this solution, Herts Dental offers an enticing package which includes a free consultation with one of our implant experts. Additionally, Herts Dental has highly competitive and affordable implant solutions that can serve everyone living in North London and Watford.

Our experts can answer all queries you might have. Just feel free to get an assessment and ask for your personalised quote.

Traditional or Mini Dental Implants?

At Herts Dental, you are offered 2 implant solutions: traditional or mini dental implants. It all depends on the condition of your neighbouring teeth, about of jawbone remaining and your gum type. Our dental experts will take everything into account before suggesting the most suitable solution for you.

To begin with, a titanium screw is used to anchor a single artificial tooth. This is gently inserted into the jawbone.

The major difference between traditional and mini dental implants is simply the size. Mini implants have a smaller diameter and are shorter in length. Due to their smaller size, mini implants are most widely used for cases with smaller gaps (small incisor teeth), or when they serve to anchor dentures. Traditional implants are preferred when a large tooth (see molar) needs to be replaced and you need that extra bit of support.

Procedure: The Basics

Whether you have opted for traditional or mini implants, the procedure to insert the implant is exactly the same. The only difference is that it usually takes less time to insert a mini implant.


A tiny hole is gently drilled into the jawbone, so the titanium screw can be inserted into the bone. Don't worry, as our implant experts will be using plenty local anaesthetic and numbing agents.

After a 10-12 weeks of healing, the screw is finally fused into the bone. Healing may take longer with traditional implants


In terms of affordability, mini implants are more cost-effective than traditional implants, mainly because the surgical process required to insert the implant is simpler. Moreover, the smaller size of the mini implants also plays an important role in determining the final cost.

Herts Dental, located in Watford, is just a two minute walk from Watford Junction Station. Prices typically start from £1350 for a single tooth implant and white crown, but can go all the way up to £2500 for a top quality traditional implant. Given that each case is unique, everyone has totally different dental needs, so we will discuss the treatment options which are most applicable to you.

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