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Why is my denture loose, what can be done in Watford?

There are a variety of reasons why a denture may get loose. For instance, if you have had a denture made too soon after a tooth extraction, or have lost weight, you may end up with a loose denture and all the discomfort that follows.

When your teeth become loose, your denture can also become unstable. Also, you may have a loose denture if it has not been made correctly in the first place. This is an excellent reason to have an expert to fabricate your denture, so you skip unwanted issues that cause discomfort.

A denture can also become loose over time because it rests solely on the gum and jawbone. This causes the jawbone to shrink faster and the denture may become loose and rock.


Allow yourself a period of a few weeks to get used to your new denture set. If you are thinking of having a meal in a restaurant, you might want to reconsider until you are perfectly fine biting and eating with your dentures until you go to your favourite restaurant.

Useful Tip: We highly encourage sleeping with your dentures so you adjust to them faster. Make sure the denture is accurately fitting and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SLEEP WITH LOOSE DENTURES as there is always a risk of swallowing them.


Biting is important when you are wearing dentures. It is advised you take small bites, especially at first.

Work on your pronunciation

Wearing a foreign thing such as a denture inside your mouth alters the way you talk and you might lisp a bit. In order to go back to your clear speaking pattern, here is a useful tip you can follow. Lock yourself up in a room, take your favourite magazine, book or newspaper and start reading out aloud to yourself. If you hear yourself mispronouncing a word, you will need to start all over again with this reading exercise until you are sure you get it right.


It is important you clean your dentures properly, so to avoid any oral health issues, such as inflamed gums and infections. Treat them the same way you would do to your natural teeth. Wash your dentures under a running tap after every meal.

Useful Tip: Before you start cleaning your dentures, fill the sink with a little water so they won't break if they slip out of your hands.

If you are having issues with your denture, or want to know more about dental procedures that can make your teeth straight and your smile more enchanting than ever before, feel free to contact us.

If the road has led you to Herts Dental in Watford, then there is definitely a good reason for it! After all, it is so relieving to know you have expert dentists you can rely on!

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