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Sedation Dentistry in Hertfordshire


Why is my dentist referring me for sedation?

Herts Dental accepts referrals from local dentists to treat their anxious patients.

Dentists recognise the need for their patients to receive the care they deserve. Sometimes, through no fault of the patient, they become apprehensive when visiting the dentist and anxious when certain treatments are carried out. This anxiety can develop into a phobia and the patient totally avoids going to the dentist, only for their dental condition to suffer. Sedation is beneficial in that it calms a patient down and the patient has little or no recollection of their dental appointment.

Aside from dental anxiety, how else could sedation benefit me?

The aim is to provide pain-free dentistry with no discomfort to the patient. If you need a complex procedure, such as having a difficult tooth removed or implant surgery, then some patients rather have no recollection of their dental visit. Sedation will help you through these types of procedures.

If you have a tedency to gag then intravenous midazolam sedation can help overcome your gag reflex. Sedation is also beneficial from a medical point of view. We want our patients to feel relaxed and not stressed when they come to see us. Patients who suffer from certain medical conditions, which can be aggrevated by the stress of going to the dentist, need to be taken care of. Sedation helps our patients to relax. Such medical conditions include angina, asthma, epilepsy, high blood pressure and involuntary movement disorders like Parkinson's Disease. When you come for your sedation assessment appointment, we will check your medical history and decide on with sedation method will best suit you.

How will I be sedated and how will I feel?

We provide “conscious sedation” which means that you will be awake and able to respond to our commands during treatment, but not fall asleep (“general anaesthesia”). You will be relaxed and your anxiety will fade away.

At Herts Dental, we use two main types of sedation agents. The simplest method is when patients are given a mini nose mask (comfortable) and they breathe in a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen. This will make you feel relaxed and comfortable and accepting of treatment.

The other method is when a small amount of a potent drug is given. This is usually administered in the back on or hand or your forearm, just like when you have a blood test, only the technique is much gentler. The drug which is administered is called midazolam. It is like drinking two bottles of wine in two minutes! We always ensure our patients wake up fully and fit to leave the clinic on discharge.

Is sedation safe?

Sedation is safe but we need to provide an initial assessment to offer the optimal sedation method. Our dentist is experienced and has completed the Clinical Diploma at King’s College London. He is trained to deal with sedation related complications. We do not mix sedation drugs and that is one of the factors which keep complications to a minimum.

Benefits of sedation

  • Good for nervous patients by helping calm their anxiety levels

  • Enables patients to have little/no recollection of their treatment, especially when having complex treatment or having a tooth removed or an implant placed

  • Good for patients with a prominent gag reflux

  • Good for patients with certain medical conditions which can be aggravated by stress at the dentist, such as high blood pressure patients, asthmatics, epileptics, patients with angina and movement disorders like Parkinson’s Disease

  • Benefits patients by reducing their stress levels and consequently preventing a rise in their blood pressure

Price guide

We charge £45 for your sedation consultation, which includes a written dental treatment plan. Sedation costs range from is £150-195 for the first hour, plus treatment costs. We will work out a package deal if you’re having multiple items of treatment or having a longer than usual sedation session. We will also reduce the price to make it cost effective if you go for a high value treatment.

  • Inhalation sedation £150 first hour; £25 each additional half hour

  • Intravenous sedation £195 first hour; £35 each additional hour

  • White fillings £80-120

  • Basic clean £45

  • Extensive clean £125

  • Root canal treatment >£150

  • Extraction £80-120

  • Complex/surgical tooth removal £200-250

  • Implant placement surgical fee >£595

  • All forms of routine dental treatment provided


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