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Tooth removal | Tooth extraction

Teeth removal service (Extraction)

If you have an infected tooth and you think it needs to be removed, come and see us for a consultation to see if that is the right option for you. In some circumstances, it may even be possible to save your tooth.


However, if a tooth is badly damaged and too far gone, then removing it may be the best option. Our team are highly experienced in removing teeth gently and will provide you with after-care instructions to help you heal quicker after the procedure.

If the tooth which needs to be removed is at the front of your mouth, then we can provide a false tooth immediately after the procedure so that you don’t leave our clinic without your smile. We also offer dental implant treatment at affordable prices and we can even work out a pay monthly package just for you.

All you have to do is come and see us for a consultation so that your options and any pricing estimates can be explained. We look forward to providing your dental care and to build a long lasting professional relationship with you.

At Herts Dental, we will give you the option of saving your teeth whenever possible. Sometimes, teeth have to be removed because of dental disease or trauma. We have invested in the best equipment to remove teeth atraumatically and painlessly. We adhere to strict infection control protocol to minimise the risk of infection. We do this by using the cleanest instruments and materials in your mouth and we also have a dedicated instrument sterilising room.


For advance tooth removal cases, we are fully equipped to carry out surgical procedures. We provide the procedure under strict clean operation theatre conditions. This also ensures that we have planned for the procedure so that you are not stressed out whilst having your bad tooth removed.


Does it hurt to have a tooth removed?

No. You will feel pressure but no pain whilst the tooth is being taken out. If you do feel any discomfort we will stop and give you more numbing agent to ease any pain. You must follow the dentist’s instructions of eating well before the procedure and taking necessary pain relief medication one hour before your appointment. Pain relief helps you recover well after having your bad tooth removed. 

How much does it cost to have a tooth removed?

The cost of removing a tooth is dependent on the complexity of the case. For example, an advance surgical procedure requires the dentist and his team to use more materials and spend more time setting up, preparing the patient for surgery and cleaning up afterwards. As a guide price we charge £120.00. We charge £200-£250 if a surgical procedure is anticipated. An accurate estimate will be given at the time of your check up. We also accept referrals from local dentists for complex tooth extraction cases.

What am I to expect afterwards?

Some slight discomfort, but your dentist will advise. Our patients usually recover very quickly providing they follow their given instructions.


Can I go to work afterwards?


For the majority of routine extraction you can go about your normal day as usual. You just have to take it easy and avoid any major exercise. We will give you easy to follow instructions of do’s and don’t’s.


I have an abscess/infection/swelling. Do I have to wait for the abscess to go down before I have my tooth removed?

Not necessary; abscessed teeth can be removed without any issues. Your dentist is best placed to make that decision.


Would I need stitches?


If the gum needs to be held together then the dentist will place stitches. Stitches do not hurt. Most times we use special stitches which will automatically dissolve. This means you do not have to come back to have the stitches removed.


I am anxious of having a tooth removed. What do you do?

We do not rush the procedure and we will ensure that you are comfortable. We are very experienced in removing teeth and carry this out on a routine basis with most patients experiencing no discomfort. 


I will have a gap in my mouth after removing my tooth is removed. What can I do?

Most times you can have artificial teeth in your mouth placed straight after having a tooth removed. Each case has to be judged on its merits and your dentist will advise what can be done. DENTAL IMPLANTS ARE ONE OF THE LATEST OPTIONS AVAILABLE AT OUR CLINIC.

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