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Full Jaw Dental Implants

What are full set dental implants?
This is the name given when you replace the majority/all of the teeth in a single jaw. There are various methods: denture implants, fixed-dental implants, All-on-4, All-on-6, fixed implant bridges & Same Day Immediate Implants.

Do I need an implant for every single missing tooth?

Not necessarily. An implant bridge, which consists of two mini implants, can be used to support three, four, five or even six missing teeth. It depends on the structure of the jaw bone and the occlusal load. Our implant experts will be able to give you more information after examining your mouth.

Before & after case examples of multiple implant teeth

Case: Patient had a full set of upper teeth made. This is the first time he bit into an apple after 20 years!

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What is possible with a full set of new teeth
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